Hi! My name is Jen, most people just call me Tall. No, 5’9 is not that tall, but this is what happens when a group of friends consists of many Jens all of whom are shorter than you. It seems as though I’ve become like Cher or Madonna with many not knowing my last name. Well, cat’s out of the bag, it’s Degner. It’s fitting to have this new nickname in a way, because I have really changed into a new person over the last few years. I began a journey in 2012 to live. Not just to survive each day and go through the routines of life, but to actually learn how to live for a purpose. I began a relationship with Jesus and I have been learning a lot about him and myself. I want to share my story and be real about what I have learnt and what I am learning. I’ve never had my own blog and I am unsure of where this process will take me, but I would love for you to join in on this part of my journey. I can promise that with this blog, I will write about the good, bad and down right ugly parts of my past and present. Also, I will most likely make spelling and grammatical errors because I am human and spell check can only take me so far.

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